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Anonymous: I've been dating my bf for a year and we haven't even kissed yet. We never really hang out but We love eachother so much. Ugh strict parents and different schools suck

well it’ll definitely be worth it all and feel even that much better when you’re able to do all of the things you want to together

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Anonymous: The least painful break-up?? Honestly: "I don't love you anymore, I've grown a lot and you're still the same 16yo boy I fell for, at 18 I expected you to become a bit more mature, it turns out you're this way forever and I don't like the kind of person you are, I don't want you in my life".. It's so cruel, I don't mean to, but it's TOO honest I guess, how do I do? A soft white lie is better? "I'm moving to France soon, my studies are more important to me than this relationship, it won't work"?

maybe just take out the it turns out you’re this way forever and everything after, it just seems kind of harsh and if he continues to try to talk to you after the breakup and you don’t want him in your life then maybe just say something along the lines of that. i don’t think you should lie to him about anything but breakups are really hard and it’d suck not only for you to say but also for him to hear if it’s really harsh. remember, he’s going to be thinking about every word you leave him with, and analyzing what he did wrong.

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Anonymous: Okay so I just got my first boyfriend ever && I'm really nervous because I've never kissed a guy before and I just don't know what to do && I really don't wanna tell him I've never kissed anybody so do you have any tips for me or help ?? (( btw I really like you're blog ๐ŸŒš๐Ÿ‘Œ))

Thanks! Well if you’re dating a guy you shouldn’t be nervous to tell him anything, especially that you’ve never kissed a guy before!

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Anonymous: Is it a bad thing that I like a guy who is 2 years older than me?

not at all

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seeeaaaj: is it bad im 14 girl and i kissed a 19 year old guy??


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