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my blog will make you horny ;)

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Anonymous: So I kissed my crush for a dare & he didn't hesitate he was just like let's get this over with. He's my cousins friend & I didn't know until last year that he was in my kindergarten class. I've know him for a while now & I really like him & were going to universal studios this week with my cousin. Idk how to tell him i like him. Btw your blog makes my day (:

When you feel ready and want to just go for it and don’t think twice about it! Thank you :)

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Anonymous: hey! so about a week ago I went out with this really nice guy and we had a great time together but when he drove me home he just kissed my cheek and said goodnight so I didn't even invite him in. I thought maybe he just wanted to stay friends but then he asked me out again today and he sends me texts saying I'm beautiful and how he loved going out with me. do you think it's just friendship or it could be something more? also I love your blog <3

it could be something more. he sounds like hes respecting you and making sure you guys dont rush things. id say keep having fun with each other and if he does that same thing again maybe just ask him! thanks :)

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Anonymous: lmao i have no idea we just act like friends and like it never happened like we've never talked about it and hell nah I'm not telling anyone thats why i'm anon and dude im just one of those weird kids thats on tumblr all the time this is like fanfic shit idk i never thought this would happen to me like i have no friends

aw man i wish i could help. fuck that’s a terrible situation, especially him being you’re first, so you can’t just forget about it..

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Anonymous: Hi!! So I have been in a relationship for about a month, I really like him. But yet I am attracted to his best friend, is that normal? btw : I love your blog!!! xx

it’s normal to be attracted to all different kinds of people, even when you’re with someone you’re going to find that there’ll always still be other people you’re attracted to

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